What size MLB authentic baseball jersey should I buy?

I am trying to buy a MLB authentic baseball jersey online for a christmas present and I have no clue what size 40, 44, 52, 56 and 60 are or mean. The person I am trying to get it for is 5’7, 155-170 lbs and a 32-34” waist. I am getting it custom so I don’t want to get the wrong size and not be able to return it. Any idea what size I should order?


  1. wanderingheffalump says:

    40 = M
    44 = L
    48 = XL
    52 – XXL
    56 – 3XL

    I am 5′-9", 180 lbs, and a 36" waist. For me, a 44 is a tight fit (I can get into it), a 48 is comfortable, and a 52 is ok (but on the big side). Based on the person’s size, I’d suggest a 44 (a 48 may good too if you want something on the big side).

  2. SF Giants Fan19/TL 4 CY! says:

    Well if 60 means the largest size, I say you get him a 52 or 56. Probably the 56 because the jersey might shrink, and you want the jersey to last a while cuz jerseys are expensive.

  3. mr.monkey hornets(3-0)!! says:

    i would buy giants and mets but the indians i think looks the best

  4. CubsFan says:

    a large cubs jersey would look good

  5. Erica says:

    Probably 40 or 44. 52 and up is too big.

  6. Jon Jay says:

    I think you should get a 40 and tell him to lose some weight. Don’t buy a Cubs one as it loses most of its value when the logo is sewn on. The reason they are so worthless is because of more than 100 years of, and I’m being generous when I say this, mediocrity and overall failure as a franchise.

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