What are the best ways to get the full White Sox experience?

I’m visiting Chicago this summer and plan to see a White Sox game. Every ballpark has its own signature food, bar, shop, monument, etc. What’re the things that are unique to US Cellular (that’s the name now, right?) and the Sox that I absolutely need to do, see or try to get the full fan experience? Thanks.

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  1. Brian O'neill says:

    Ignore the Sox/Cubs stuff. I’m a diehard Sox fan, but don’t really care about the Cubs. So ignore that. Comiskey is a very nice place to watch a game. It was ugly at first, but the money US Cellular put into it made it really nice. Maybe it isn’t as pretty as Wrigley, but if you actually want to watch a game with people paying attention, then it is a good place to be. Don’t get me wrong; there are a lot of good Cubs’ fans, but they are drowned out by people there just for the scene.

    Anyway, the other poster is right about tailgating. Bring a set of bags and gamble with other people playing. You can get in three hours early. If you really want something special, though, go to 37th and Halsted, about a half-mile west of the park. There’s a bar called Schaller’s. It is the longest running bar in Chicago. You can park there for free, if you don’t mind a brisk walk through a nice neighborhood, but go in and grab a cheap beer and sandwich. Great local joint. Nothing fancy, but solid, and ours. Very White Sox.

    As for the neighborhood, the "bad neighborhood" thing came from when the projects were all across from the park, on the other side of Dan Ryan. Those are gone, and it is getting better. But west of the park is Bridgeport, a very safe neighborhood with a lot of cozy local joints. It isn’t the scene they have on the northside, but if you just want a few beers with good people, go there.

  2. Bobby Light says:

    get heckled by the Cubs fans.

  3. Eamus Catuli says:

    sox fans are pathetic, they cheer against the cubs more than they cheer for their own team. its sad. i think theyre jealous of the cubs because people actually care about them. as for "the cell" or as i like to call it "US never-sell out field", it honestly is horrible. there is too much crap for the fans to be distracted by. come to wrigley where we do two things only: watch baseball and drink beer, not stare at a videoboard and play arcade games.

    @nick wow forgive us for believing and having unmatched compassion for our team. if that annoys you, then thats not my problem, its yours.

  4. Nick says:

    LOL @ the Cubs fan thinking we’re jealous of the Cubs, what’s their to be jealous of? Your team hasn’t won in over 100 years, I’ve witnessed my team winning a title. I most certainly like the Sox more than I hate the Cubs but it’s not even the team that I really hate it’s the fans, their fans are terrible they think they deserve respect just because they sellout their stadium which they don’t do on a regular basis anymore anyways, they think it’s "their" year every single year, they simply go to the game to get drunk, talk on their cell phones and be seen on TV. Don’t listen to anyone and go to Wrigley that place is a dump and a major eyesore, theres nowhere to park anywheres near Wrigley, it’s in Chicago’s largest gay community need I say more?

    Now getting to the question that you asked, I go to many Sox games at the Cell and don’t quite know what the White Sox experience is suppose to be like. The Cell is a nice ballpark in a decent neighborhood, you have the fan deck and fundimentals area in CF and LF as well as the statues along the outfield concourse. One disadvantage though is if you have seats in the upper deck you can’t access the lower deck and vice versa, they did this because of all the fights they were having but I don’t know how doing this was suppose to stop anything, if a fan goes to the ballgame to get in a fight they’re going to fight no matter where they are sitting. Sox fans also tailgate in the parking lots, something that is impossible to do at Wrigley.

    Once again Cubs fans, your team has done nothing to make any Sox fan jealous.

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