How does the New York Yankees ticket price compare to other teams in the league?

I’m have to answer it for a Sports Marketing project and need a little help.
(As in terms of money like this in comparison to all the other teams, the Yankees ticket prices are LESS than, More than, or equal to ticket prices of other MLB teams.

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  1. baseball-girl says:

    If you’re buying tickets at Yankee Stadium obviously they’re going to be more than if you bought them at Tropicana Field. Yankee Stadium charges higher prices because they KNOW fans will pay for more expensive tickets. Tropicana Field has seats for as low as $15 dollars because they know if they charge a lot, then no one will come to the games, as if anyone goes to them now. It’s all about the attendance. Fans want to see the Yankees play, so they’ll pay whatever the price is, and the Yankees take advantage of that.

    More than..

  2. Justin says:

    waaaay more than other places. only others close are gonna be wrigley, fenway, AT&T, and philly

  3. Carimbo says:

    all depends the team they are facing but overall the tickets at yankee stadium are more expensive that the tickets at every other stadium in baseball.

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