does anyone know how i can get my boyfriends birthday announced at a cleveland indians game?

i have heard it before during a game and i looked at the offical indians website but i couldnt find anything, i would really appreciate it his birthday is in april so hopefully it doesnt take long to get it put in


  1. Q.T.π Reuben 2 says:

    I had one put up for me last year. My birthday was spent freezing at the home opener.
    I figured that since nobody would do a greeting for me I did it myself. This is from the Cleveland Indians website. Last year it cost $45.
    Ballpark Greeting Card / Wedding Proposals
    Celebrating a birthday or anniversary? Send a special greeting with the Smucker’s Ballpark Greeting Card, where the recipient’s name will appear on the scoreboard and will receive a 5×7 photo.

    What better way to pop the question? Capture this important event with a video and photo with Slider and a dozen red roses. Call 216.420.HITS for more information.

  2. mko_rellik says:

    u have to call the stadium or email them (calling works best) and tell them wat date. and go tribe WOOOOOO!!!!!

  3. lestermount says:

    Most sports events, especially professional will make announcements such as your request. Have you tried to call their office and talk to a human rather than just a web site?
    The Texas Rangers does this on the video screen between halves of the 7th inning.

  4. shalertitan52 says:

    Call the Indians front office, look in phone book, or 411, they will guide you

  5. eric j says:

    If it costs money wait and see how the tribe are doing, otherwise no one will see it. Ive noticed that indian fans are not very loyal they only show up in masses when the team is doing well!!!!

  6. ur mom says:

    Just call or e-mail. I also know i went last year and theres this thing that pregame you can text message a certin number and they’ll bring your message up on the BIG BOARD!

  7. staggmovie says:

    I would have sugguested to look on the offical website for the Indians, but since you have already done it. Well like everybody else is telling you, call or e-mail the Indians, but please do keep in mind, that they get a lot of requests for scoreboard messages, and they might not have time enough to annouce your boyfriend’s birthday. And thast is good of you to want to have your boyfriend’s birthday annouced at Jakob’s Field, and next of all are you 2 planning to be there, since they won’t really be broadcasted on TV or radio. That should give you time to contact them, and get your message in, and I bet that they will try thier very best to annouce your message at the stadium, but please do keep in your mind of what I said before.

  8. A.J. H says:

    Look to get in touch with the Public relations department. Make sure you have all the information they will need. Name date and YOUR message.

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