Baltimore Orioles Tickets- infant or children's rate?

When buying tickets for a Baltimore Orioles game (at Oriole Stadium/Camden Yards in Baltimore) what is the price of a ticket for a one year old child? Is the price of a ticket the same for a child as for as an adult? (Assuming you are NOT buying a general admission ticket but getting a specific seat). Is there a certain age at which a child does not need a ticket and gets in free, like under 2 or 3 years of age? Can anyone direct me to someplace on the web that confirms the pricing? I have checked the Orioles website but have found nothing relating to any reduced fare for kids.


  1. ♫get_busy_living♫ says:

    I’ve read where places say its free for under a certian age. Once you get to a certian height you have to pay. I would call the ticket office and ask. I’m sure someone would help. I’ve provided a few links that might help you. Good luck!

  2. ATLfalconz says:

    Im the biggest baseball fan ive been to hundreds of games. kids cost the same.

    the rule is:if they use a seat they cost full price.

    if your baby sits on your lap then it shouldnt cost

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